Summary Report: AI³ SOI Asia Monthly Online Seminar

As decided in The 52nd AI³ & SOI Asia Joint Meeting, we will hold a monthly online seminar since October 2021. (For more details, please refer to the meeting summary report.)

Each seminar consists of the following.:
・Share updates from each member site.
・Share each site’s knowledge and explore the possibility of collaboration within the community.

Scuedule of the AI³ SOI Asia Monthly Online Seminar:

Target: Faculty members, staff, and students of AI³ /SOI Asia community
Time: (60 – 90 min)
・ 3:15 P.M.- (GMT + 6)
・ 4:15 P.M.- (GMT + 7)
・ 5:15 P.M.- (GMT + 8)
・ 6:15 P.M.- (GMT + 9)