#11 Monthly Seminar

The 11th monthly seminar was held on 24 August 2022 online with 15 real-time participants from the AI³ /SOI Asia community.

In the first part, 3 interns presented the final output to participants as follows.

SARENA-PAC (Satellite and Aero Research and Education Network in the Asia Pacific) Project:
・”Develop an IoT application use case for Image-based fire and smoke detection with edge Machine Learning using the Research Data Platform” by Shafak Shahriar Sozol (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
・”Network-based IDS for botnet detection using machine learning” by Arkan Kabla (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

AI³ /SOI Asia Platform Project:
・Platform: INXIGNIA Improvement by Gabrielle Evan Farrel (Universitas Brawijaya)

After their presentation, the 2nd badge AI³ /SOI Asia internship graduation ceremony was held, and students were awarded with certificates. Participants committed to continuing their research and further collaboration with the project.