Large number of technologies utilized for Internet has been developed and improved continuously from their beginning. These process of technology development and improvement always require the network environment where engineers and researchers can make implementations of the technologies and test and evaluate them.

This network environment is so called a testbed network. It is quite popular for the Internet community to provide testbed networks for specific technology development.Mbone, for example, has been set up and operated since early 1990’s and this network is for IP multicast technology development and deployment. Other example is 6bone which has been composed based on the same idea for IPv6 and operated since mid 1990’s. The testbed network can accelerate process of technology development and its engineering, therefore, it is fairly important for research groups of Internet technologies to construct and operate its testbed network.

Our project is an international research consortium among research institutes in Asian region and is aiming to form a group of researchers to develop leading edge technologies for the Internet, such as IPv6, WWW caching and replication mechanisms, multimedia communication mechanism, and applications for the advanced usage of the Internet. The name of this project is Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives or “AI3” (ei-triple-ai) in short.