SOI Asia

The SOI Asia Project (Chair: Prof. Jun Murai, Keio University) was launched in 2001 as a platform for inter-university education programs among universities throughout Asia, with the purpose of establishing a wide area Internet education platform utilizing satellite technologies, collaborating with AI3 project (Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives project).

As of Spring 2019, this project has about 30 university & research institute partners in 13 countries in Asia, and has conducted 30 graduate level courses (over 300 lectures), and more than 100 real time sessions including conference broadcasting and seminars, which have been shared by more than 3,000 students in Asia. Platforms for the sharing of higher education are operated by all member universities, enabling sharing of both real time and archived lectures as well as supporting an array of other educational programs that facilitate the development of constructive and cooperative relationships among members.


SOI Asia successfully migrated its operation from IPv4 to IPv6 in 2006, and has since developed various educational programs for operators to learn about IPv6 and multicast technologies. Constructing stronger partnership among larger numbers of universities in the Asia region is now ready to be realized without address space restrictions. Furthermore, engineers who have been educated to operate the SOI Asia network are now working as believing promoters of IPv6 networks in their own regions.


In recent years, the development of N-RENs (National Research Education Networks) connecting the universities of individual Asian countries by high-speed Internet has proceeded substantially. SOI Asia has begun collaboration with RENs in several countries utilizing strong relationships with SOI partners as a hub and a base for collaboration with RENs in several nations. Course content sharing has already started with several RENs including UNINET (Thailand), INHERENT (Indonesia), MYREN (Malaysia), and VINAREN (Vietnam). A networking project called TEIN2 linking Europe and Asian countries is also new partner for extending collaboration. A network that covers the entire Asian region is now about to realized by these collaborative relationships.


Entrepreneurship – With the goal of utilizing the knowledge in SOI Asia to provide benefit to society, a program to educate and support entrepreneurs was initiated in 2007. This program bridges industry and universities, strengthens the support structure among SOI Asia partners and takes action to identify and support promising entrepreneurs from the region’s universities.