#15 Monthly Seminar

The last monthly seminar of 2022 was held on 21 December 2022 online, with 19 real-time participants from the AI³ /SOI Asia community.

Members celebrated the end of the year with concluded 3 Community Based Research (CBR) agreement contracts. Here are the CBR topics officially approved by universities and project.

  • An IoT-based transport data collection and analytics framework using Bluetooth proximity beacons, lead by USM, Malaysia
  • Artificial Intelligence of Things System to Classify and Predict the Quality of Produce in Smart Agriculture, lead by USK, Indonesia
  • Real-time Malicious TLS Traffic Detection using Machine Learning Classifier, lead by UNHAS, Indonesia

The discussion was also made in other CBRs, experiments utilizing Dynamic networks lead by ITB or satellites lead by UNTL, toward realization.

A summarized outcome of the workshop “Enhancing Learning and Career Mobility with a Micro-Credentialing Platform” held at 54 Joint Meeting was shared.