Cybersecurity Workshop Caps Off APIE Advanced Camp in Japan.

On March 16, sixteen students from the APIE Advanced Camp had the unique opportunity to take a closer look at the world of cybersecurity by participating in a workshop offered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC) of Japan. Organized by Digital Hearts Plus Co., Ltd, and held in the company’s well-equipped multiuse facility in Shinjuku (Tokyo), the event marked a significant finale to the participants’ educational journey in Japan.

The workshop had two distinct sessions, each aimed at tackling cybersecurity from different angles. The morning session featured Hiroki Abe, a certified ethical hacker who shared his extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Abe’s discourse centered around understanding hackers’ mindsets. He provided insights into the various strategies employed by cyber attackers and emphasized the importance of thinking like a hacker to anticipate and counteract potential threats effectively. This session was interactive, with participants engaging in exercises designed to immerse them in the cybersecurity landscape.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted towards applying creative problem-solving skills to cybersecurity challenges. Takayuki Yamane led a design thinking sprint to encourage students to harness their creativity. The task was to conceptualize a game aimed at educating children about cybersecurity.

Through initiatives like this cooperation with different stakeholders, APIE helps to expand the skills and knowledge of the next generation of Internet engineers to meet and overcome the challenges that lie ahead and contribute to the continuous development of the Internet.