APNIC Foundation featured SOI Asia and AI³ during the APNIC 56 in Kyoto

On September 12, the APNIC Foundation featured SOI Asia and AI3 in its session during APNIC 56, a conference that was held in Kyoto, Japan, from September 13-15.

The session started with the highlights of the Foundation programs and projects in 2023, presented by the APNIC Foundation acting CEO (at that moment, Head of Programs and Partnerships), Sylvia Cadena.

Following that, Keiko Okawa, professor at Keio University and director of SOI Asia, started a retrospective of SOI Asia and AI3 activities on capacity building (human resources development) and Internet-related research. Keiko followed a timeline starting in 1995 when this community started and then led the talk to the present and how she envisions the future of this community. During her talk, Keiko was accompanied by other speakers who were also related to the projects.

Achmad Husni Thamrim, lead of AI3, looked back to the satellite-based connectivity initiatives in Southeast Asia led by AI3 and its contribution to Internet-related research collaboration and the development of the Internet in the region.

The Lead of APIE, Noriatsu Kudo, shared how the program contributes to fostering a new generation of talented Internet engineers who can head up the future of the Internet. Sai Veerya Mahadevan shared her experience as a teaching assistant and her thoughts on the program. She emphasized the safe environment created for learners to learn, unlearn, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Achmad Basuki explained his involvement to the community throughout the years, particularly the recent efforts to ARENA-PAC, which aim to link several global research and education networks (REN) in the region.

Yung-wey Chong introduced Community-based research activities (CBRs) and stressed the importance of conducting research that involves stakeholders and brings back to the local communities.

Keiko and Sylvia concluded the session by emphasizing the value of collaboration to foster a new generation of Internet engineers and create a brighter future.

Check the video archive of the session here.