The AI³/SOI Asia 1st Batch Intern’s Voice

From January to March 2022, The AI³/SOI Asia virtual Internship 1st Batch was conducted at Keio University. This internship aims to support Research and Education Network (REN) technology development and collaboration in AI3/SOI Asia partners.

This article provides a brief internship description and voices from internship participants.

Topics of This Internship

In this internship, three interns from member universities worked closely Keio University students and faculties for technology development regarding the following three topics:

  • “Dynamic Network”: develop a model of dynamic network using Raspberry Pi with the goals of deploying the network in AI³/SOI Asia Partner. The first thing to do is create a network topology. Second, try to configure BGP and SRv6 on each Raspberry PI. Configure some raspberry pi as iBGP and the rest as eBGP. Lastly, do some tests.
  • “Research Data Platform”: design the platform for research and also the monitoring stack to monitor the GPU, CPU, and Memory resources of all servers. First thing to create is to define the requirements of either the monitoring stack or research platform, then create the use case that we want to implement and also the flow of the system. Lastly, design and create a high-level architecture for monitoring stack and research platform.
  • “Microcredential Platform”: Develop a platform that gives the ability for SOI Asia to bring multiple universities in Asia to educate and give students a way to collect, manage, and share their education achievements as badges and authenticate them with micro credentials to ensure their authenticity to be used in an e-portfolio to show student’s competencies to society.

Intern’s Voice

When asked about their impressions after the internship, they said it was useful for their careers and their own research. One of the interns said “I have got some ideas about research” and another intern who worked on “Research Data Platform” said “The knowledge of monitoring servers using modern tooling is in high demand today. The unique experience from building a custom exporter and visualizing it will help me boost my chance against other students applying in the infrastructure role. This could also be the gate for me to learn more about data infrastructure and provide a unique experience for me.”

When asked about what was difficult, they found difficulties regarding time management. One intern commented “Not a big problem, but it was hard to balance my research and the internship. And I learned a lot about time management.”

They also found benefits regarding the opportunity to engage with people across borders:

“It was my pleasure to connect and interact with other people across the globe. This program also boosts my presentation skill in English and all the feedback I received are constructive to my project.”

“The most satisfying thing in this internship is to communicate with others, especially those who are not from my country. and learn something that is kind of new for me.”

This internship is currently in its second round and four students are participating in this internship. The third internship is planned for the future.