EBA Faculty Meeting 2023

On November 23rd and 24th, 2023, the first Faculty Meeting for SOI Asia’s EBA Project was conducted at Keio University, Japan. 

EBA Project develops educational programs focused on evidence-based approaches as a part of SOI Asia’s mission to design a resilient future society in the Asia Pacific region. The multicultural and multidisciplinary environment that EBA offers, enables students to better understand the emerging issues in the region from multiple perspectives and collaborate with diverse peers to propose their solutions to society.

28 participants from 17 universities and institutions gathered to discuss opportunities for more extensive collaboration and continued improvement of the EBA Project. The topics of discussion include curriculum design, operational schemes, and community building among faculties and EBA alumni.

The gathering focused on intensifying the collaboration between partner universities in building and conducting a fieldwork-centric curriculum. This curriculum aims to cultivate a range of skills in technology, social interaction, and research, essential for practical fieldwork and effective teamwork. The faculty meeting highlighted the crucial role of intensive communication among faculties for synchronising educational efforts, sharing best practices, and ensuring that the curriculum remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving challenges in the Asia Pacific region. 

The meeting concluded with the commitment of all participating faculty members to strengthening inter-faculty collaboration by prioritising open, ongoing dialogue and continued efforts for knowledge exchange.