SOI Asia Keio Visited UB・USK (Indonesia)

From April 26 to 30, 2024, SOI Asia-Keio: Goki Miyakita and Eliko Akashi, traveled to Malang and Aceh, Indonesia to meet and discuss with SOI Asia -UB: Agung Setia Budi, Eko Setiawan, Achmad Basuki, and SOI Asia-USK: Rahmad Dawood, Sayed Muchallil, and Maya Fitria.

The primary aim of this gathering was to foster collaboration and cooperation on the ‘Community-Centric Open Science Infrastructure for Digital Humanities in the Asia-Pacific’ project.

At UB, the team visited ancient Hindu temples in Malang, called ‘Candi,’ and discussed how to digitize the entire structure, including the carved reliefs and architectural elements. The discussion highlighted that digitizing these candi will serve as a safety net, ensuring that even if the physical structures face challenges in the future, their essence and details are preserved in a digital format. The team also explored how to store and utilize digital data to maximize its impact and accessibility. The project will initiate efforts to increase access to Malang’s unique history and culture while preserving these assets for future generations.

The project activity was also featured on the UB University website. (Please click HERE)

Aceh, located in the northernmost part of Sumatra, is home to USK and has played a significant role in the spread of Islam in Indonesia. The area is renowned for its tombstones, which are decorated with Islamic motifs and serve as invaluable resources for understanding the history and culture of Aceh. Discussions and efforts to digitize the decorations and information on these tombstones are underway. This project would not only stimulate research but also enable both local and global communities to explore and share their heritage worldwide, while also supporting online (remote) research activities.