(AI3, SOI Asia Partner Universities’ Students ONLY) Call for: Introduction to Spoken Japanese

We are pleased to announce to offer a Japanese language course, “Introduction to Spoken Japanese”!

The interactive language course will be provided on Zoom every Saturday from 2:00 pm to 3:50 pm (JST, GMT+9) from Nov 7th to Dec 26th 2020.

We are calling for around 50 participants as international students to join this course. (Only for AI3, SOI Asia Partner universities’ students.)
We’d like to ask each partner university to call for 5 to 10 students.
The students who complete the course will be awarded by e-certificate.

Please find the detail in the attached course syllabus. (Click here > PDF)

Online Registration Form (Deadline: Oct 24th, 2020):
The link to the registration form is shared with partners only.

1) The learning data of all the participants will be collected and used only for the investigation and research of Second or Foreign Language Education in Educational Technology.
The private information of the participants will be protected and never used for other purposes.
The participants require to read and agree with the student consent form on the online registration form.

2) This course is irrelevant to the grading system of other courses on SOI Asia. Please decide whether or not to participate in this research based on your voluntary decision.
Auditing the course without participating in the experiment is also your voluntary decision.
Also, once you have given your consent, you are free to withdraw your consent at any time, and will not have any disadvantages.

If you have concerns or queries, please feel free to contact us.
Contact person: Ms. Yuka Shori Kataoka (shori [at] sfc.wide.ad.jp)
*Please replace [at] with @ when contacting her.