Mongolian University of Science and Technology


1. Introduction

The Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) is a multidisciplinary and multileveled center for education, training and scientific research.It is also one of the largest centers for scientific and cultural exchanges in Mongolia. The University assumes the following functions, namely:


  • to commence and promote research in applied science, technology, industry, and political
  • science for the advancement of knowledge and for the betterment of society
  • to provide facilities and offer opportunities for graduate and post-graduate education in art
  • science, technology, engineering and management by instruction, training, research
  • development and extension and by such other means as the University may deem fit
  • to devise and implement programs of education in science and technology that are relevant
  • to the changing needs of society, in terms of breadth of diversity and depth of specialization
  • to serve as a center for fostering co-operation and the exchange of ideas between the academic and research community on the one hand and industry on the other
  • to organize exchange programs with other national and international institutions with a view of keeping abreast of the latest developments in relevant areas of teaching and research.



The University contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, professional skills and technology,and their intelligent, sustainable and enterprising application for the benefit of humanity.

Organizantion Chart

POB-29, Ulaanbaatar-51,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Time Differences: 1hour

Mongolian University of Science and Technology

2. Network situation




3. Classroom environment

In SOI-ASIA MUST Hall installed equipments for multimedia lectures, Projectors and audio video systems. 60 peoples can join to lecture(60 seats).

We use the following applications to receive the lectures :

  • RPT
  • Windows Media Stream
  • Kvirc
  • BBS