Hasanuddin University

1. Introduction

Hasanuddin University was inaugurated by the Vice President of Indonesia, Moh. Hatta on September 10,1956 combining the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law and Social Affairs Makassar - the branch of Indonesia University, the Faculty of Medicine Malkassar, and the Institute of Teacher Training in Tondano, North Sulawesi. At the beginning Hasanuddin University was led by the Acting President Prof. Mr. A.G. Pringgodigdo whose term ended on March 1, 1957. The first University President was Prof. Mr. KRM Djokomarsaid Tirtodiningrat. After that the Rectors of Hasanuddin University were Let. Kol. Dr. M. Natsir Said, S.H., Prof. Dr. Abd. Hafid, Prof. Dr. Achmad Amiruddin, Prof. Dr. A. Hasan Walinono, Prof. Dr. Ir. Fachruddin, Prof. Dr. Basri Hasanuddin, M.A., and Prof. Dr.lr. Radi A. Gany. The recent Rector (2006 - 2010) is Prof. Dr. dr. Idrus A. Paturusi.

Between 1960 and 1964 the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, and the Faculty of Animal Sciences were established. All the lecturing activities were conducted in Baraya Campus, an area that is prone to flood during the rainy season. Therefore the plan to move to the new campus at Tamalanrea was started in 1976.

The new campus at Tamalanrea was inaugurated on September 17, 1981 by the President of Indonesia, President Soeharto, as a gift for the 25th anniversary of Hasanuddin University. Several faculties were established after the inauguration - namely the Faculty of Postgraduate, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Public Health, and the Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery. As the ratio of the students of the Faculty of Engineering and the lecture halls is not adequate, the second campus of the Faculty of Engineering was established in Gowa in 2004.

Since its establishment, Hasanuddin University has conferred Honorary Doctor (Doctor Honoris Causa) to Ir. Soekarno, Moh. Hatta, Chairul Saleh, Nelson Mandela and the latest to B.l. Habibie on the 50th anniversary of Hasanuddin University on September 10,2006.



Organization Chart


PSKMP Universitas Hasanuddin
Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan KM 11
Makassar 90245
Telphone: +62 411 582255, 582266,582277
Fax: +62 411 586039
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Time Differences: 1hours

Hasanuddin University, Makassar, South-Sulawesi, Indonesia

2. Network situation

Internet connectivity (Uplink) is leased line connection (256 kbps, shared) .

Distance Learning System at Hasanuddin University

  • Eastern Indonesia University Consortium (EIUS)
  • Global Distance Learning Network (GDLN)
  • School On Internet-Asia (SOI-Asia)

3. Classroom environment

Lectures by SOI-Asia Projects technically accessible for the whole units within the university. 3 - Classrooms have been established for SOI Class. Downstream provided by SOI-Asia is shared by the whole university. We are using the following applications for class-room environment:

  • vic/rat for transmitting & receiving video/audio
  • Interactive real-time questions and answers by using VIC/RAT,BBS & IRC
  • Hard copies of materials (PPT slides) were distributed to participants