1. Introduction

During 1957 through 1963, Brawijaya University was in her embryonic stage, and was called Kotapradja Malang University. She was then renamed as Brawijaya University on January 5th 1963. When teaching began at Brawijaya University in 1961, there were only four faculties: Legal and Civil Sciences (now the Faculty of Law), Economics, Public and Business Administration (now the Faculty of Administrative Sciences), and Agriculture. In 1963 two more were established: Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry (now the Faculty of Animal Husbandry), and Engineering.

In the late 1900s four more faculties were established, Medicine (1974), Fisheries (1982), Mathematics and Natural Sciences (1996), and Agricultural Technology (1998). Now Brawijaya University has 10 faculties catering both non-degree and degree programs. . In affiliation with the Gadjah Mada University, the Masters program started using the UGM- UNIBRAW Credit Earning Activity in 1983.

In its development, this Masters program was supported by some Australian experts in the field of Agricultural Sciences, and by some Dutch experts in the fields of Land and Water Resources Management and Agricultural Social Economics.
Since 1992 Brawijaya University has managed to conduct her postgraduate program independently. The doctorate program has been catered since 1997. The study program of Agricultural Sciences started in 1997, Economics and Medicine/Biomedics in 2000, Law in 2001 and Administrative Sciences in 2002.

At present, Brawijaya University offers 5 doctorate programs comprising agricultural, economics, medical sciences, law sciences, and administrative sciences, and 17 masters programs. The university also offers diploma programs, such as the polytechnics catering 10 diploma programs, the faculty of medicine catering 2 diploma IV and 5 specialist-1 programs, and other faculties catering around 17 diploma-III programs.

Old Compus

New Compus


Organization Chart


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2. Network situation

Network Topology.


3. Classroom environment

In Unibraw, we reserve a room all through the year to be used as SOI Asia lecturer studio. We put a rack to accomodate network and audio/video equipments. This studio works for both lecture transmitting site and lecture relaying site, and is able to receive and send following applications.

  • Kvirc
  • Windows Media Stream
  • BBS
  • Video LAN stream

SOI Class Equipments:

  • 2 Video Projector
  • 1 Digital Video Camera
  • 1 PC for RPT
  • 1 PC for Video Receiving
  • 1 PC for Video Sending