WASABI Programming Camp in Japan – Pre-Workshop


This is a project based programming camp—kindly supported by Keio University and SAKURA Science—to develop a collaborative learning environment used for our future program. Students will stay in Japan (Keio University) for one week and learn advanced Web technology (including HTML5, CSS, and WebRTC) as well as Agile and continuous development through lectures and hands-on sessions, and also experience the international OSS development project working jointly with students participating from partner universities in ASEAN countries.


Target and Capacity

This program is for both undergraduate and graduate students. The expected number of recruited students is 20 (in total). All participants are required to have basic HTML and JavaScript development skills.


Language Requirement

All Lectures will be provided in English. No Japanese skill is required. Participants should be at least able to carry conversations in English.


How to Join

There are 3 ways to join this programming camp. (Total expected number of recruited students: 20)

1. For those who have never been to Japan. (Total expected number of recruited students: 10)

Join the remote based Pre-Workshop, complete all assignments and pass the screening examination. You will receive a scholarship that covers the airfare and accommodation expenses.

2. For those who have been to Japan before. (Total expected number of recruited students: 10)

Join the remote based Pre-Workshop, complete all assignments and pass the screening examination. You must cover all costs with your own funds.

3. This camp will be partially opened for remote participants. The program and venue for the remote participants will be announced soon (after we close the application).




Registrations are closed! Thank you for your interest!


Details of the remote based Pre-Workshop

October 8 (Wed.) 18:30-20:30JST

#1 WASABI introduction and WebRTC

Refresh of the past WASABI Workshop


October 9 (Thu.) 18:30-20:30JST

#2 Responsive Design

Refresh of the past WASABI Workshop


October 14 (Tue.) 18:30-20:30JST

#3 Web App Testings

How to test web applications: behavior and UI


October 16 (Thu.) 18:30-20:30JST

#4 Web App Performance

How to design web app for performance, including adapting to different devices



1. If you have joined the past WASABI Web Development Workshop (February 25 – March 7, 2014), October 8 and 9 will be a refresh of the workshop. Thus, your participation is optional.

2. All participants are required to join the Pre-Workshop held at October 14 and 16, and complete all assignments.

3. The details of the screening examination will be announced at the class.


Details of the Programming Camp in Japan

December 6 (Sat.) – Arrive in Japan, Orientation

December 7 (Sun.) – Lecture: Web Technology/Practice: Web App Development (basic)

December 8 (Mon.) – Lecture: Multi Media/Practice: Web App Development (HTML5, CSS,


December 9 (Tue.) – Lecture: Learning environment Architecture/Practice: Multi Media App


December 10 (Wed.) – Lecture: Cloud Computing/Practice: Visiting IT company @ Tokyo

December 11 (Thu.) – Practice: International OSS Development

December 12 (Fri.) – Integration/Final Presentation

December 13 (Sat.) – Leave Japan



For further information about this program, please contact us at secretariat [at] soi.asia



Keio University

SAKURA Science