Tribhuvan University

1. Introduction

Tribhuvan University, founded in 1959, is the first university and the pioneer institute of higher education in Nepal. It is named after the late King Tribhuvan. It was only after its establishment that higher education within the country was available to the common Nepali people. The infrastructure of Tribhuvan University was built at Kirtipur where its foundation stone was laid in 1958. Five kilometers to the south-west of the capital, the university is situated at Kirtipur.


Institute of Engineering (IOE)

Institute of Engineering (IOE) established in 1972, is devoted to the production of technicians and engineers capable of meeting the national aspirations for the accelerated development of the country. Besides this, IOE is also offering a wide range of services for the benefit of the country. The capabilities of IOE are reflected by the large number of existing technical staff from various disciplines and large number of well-equipped laboratories and workshops that are on its disposal.

In 1972, Nepal Engineering Institute at Pulchowk Campus and Technical Training Institute at Thapathali Campus were brought together under the umbrella of Tribhuwan University to constitute the Institute of Engineering. And the Nepal Engineering Institute and the Technical Training Institute were renamed as Pulchowk Campus and Thapathali Campus respectively.

Since then, the Institute of Engineering has expanded considerably. The technical programs in Electrical, Electronics, Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Engineering were started in the Pulchowk Campus, with the assistance from UNDP/ILO. The Architecture Technician program was started by the IOE in its own effort. With the assistance of the World Bank and UK, later, the existing technician level courses were strengthened and Bachelor's Degree level course in Civil Engineering was started.Similarly, with the assistance of the World Bank, the Swiss Government, and the Canadian Government, Bachelor Degree level courses in the Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical engineering and Architecture were started in the Pulchowk Campus. From academic year 1998/99 IOE has started Bachelor's Degree program in Computer Engineering. In 1996 Pulchowk Campus, with support from the Norwegian Government, has started M.Sc. Courses in Urban Planning, Structural Enginnering, Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering Pulchowk Campus has also started M.Sc. courses in Renewable energy and Geothermal Engineering, Information and communication and Power systems Engineering effective from December, 2001. The diploma level programs at the Pulchowk Campus have been transferred to other three IOE campuses.

The Thapathali Campus is presently offering three-year Diploma level courses in Mechanical, Automobile, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

The Eastern Region Campus in Dharan, which began operating from 1984, was built with the financial assistance from Asian Development Bank and the technical assistance from the UK. This campus initially offered courses at the trade and technician levels. Now, it is offering Diploma level courses in the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Engineering. From academic year 2000/2001 Bachelor's Degree program in Agricultural Engineering has been started.

The Western Region Campus in Pokhara of IOE became operational from 1987, with the assistance from the World Bank and UNDP/ILO. Initially various trades and technician courses were offered at this campus. At present, it is offering Diploma level courses in the Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Automobile and Mechanical Engineering. From academic year 1999/2000 Bachelor's Degree program in Civil Engineering has been started.

Institute of Engineering Organization Chart

Center for Information Technology (CIT), established in 1999 is one of the major resource centers in the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University that provides Internet facility to the students and faculties of Institute of Engineering as well as to Tribhuwan University. In addition, CIT strives to produce quality software in the country for local and international market and also provides specialized training in any field of IT sector.

Center for Information Technology (CIT), IOE Pulcowk
P.O. Box: 1175, Kathmandu,Nepal
Phone: 977-1-5543080

Time Differences: 3hours and 15min

Tribhuvan University
Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus
Center for Information Technology (CIT)



2. Network situation

Internet Connectivity Status:
IOE has 4 Mbps optical fiber link with Nepal Telecom for academic and general purposes. And 13Mbps downlink and 128 kbps bidirectional connection for virtual classroom from SOI. Both the links are interconnected by an internal gateway.

Local Diagram of Pulchowk Campus Network

3. Classroom environment

Equipment at main server room at Center for Information Technology (CIT)

  • No of routers:2
  • Satellite Modem( Upto 2 mbps):2
  • RAS Server : 2
  • Switchs: 3
  • DNS, WEB, MAIL,PROXY, DHCP, Database servers