Vietnam National University

1. Introduction

Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) is the first modern university established in Vietnam. VNU has undergone various development stages: the University of Indochina established on 16 May, 1906; Vietnam National University (November, 1945); the University of Hanoi (June, 1956). In December, 1993, VNU was reorganized on the basis of amalgamating the University of Hanoi, Foreign Language Teachers' Traning College (established in 1967) and other leading universities in Hanoi.

VNU is the largest multidisciplinary higher educational and research centre in Vietnam. VNU is entrusted with the task of producing qualified human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the country. VNU holds a special position in the system of tertiary education in Vietnam, operating according to a special regulation promulgated by the Prime Minister. VNU reports directly to the Prime Minister and has the high autonomy in organization -personnel, training programs, scientific reseach and technological development, planning - finance, international relations and other fields. VNU is entitled to work directly with ministries, ministerial level organizations, governmental bodies, people's committees of central cities and provinces concerning affairs related to VNU. VNU's colleges and institutes maintain their juridical person status of a higher education and scientific research institution as regulated by the Law on Education and the Law on Science-Technology.

Vietnam National University
1. At 144, Xuan Thuy Rd.
Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: (84 4) 8332012-8332015
Fax: (84 4) 7680429

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Vietnam National University (VNU)

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