Hanoi University of Technology

1. Introduction

Hanoi University of Technology (HUT) was established in 1956. Over nearly half century, HUT has been continuously growing and making considerable contributions to the industrialization and modernization process of the country.

A large number of scientists and highly qualified engineers, who obtained various academic degrees of Eng, MSc and PhD at HUT, have been working effectively in various political, cultural and social fields, and science & technology development throughout the country. The obvious achievements in training and research undertaken at HUT and their application to production activities, have contributed significantly to flourishing national technologies.

Over the last decade, Vietnam has embarked upon a radical and comprehensive process of economic and social reform. Based on nearly half century of tradition, HUT has been creative and dynamic in this process, and has become a centre of academic excellence. It will make more contribution to socio-economic development, industrialization, and modernization of the country.

The development of HUT has been linked with strong support from the Government, great efforts by HUT staff and students from generation to generation, and especially with wholehearted assistance from international organizations and individuals. Our friends and colleagues in the world have supported us not only in building up infrastructure and facilities but also in teaching staff development. Over the years, international cooperation programmes have brought to the university effective staff with high academic standards and competence in training, research, and management activities, which has accelerated the process of integration of HUT into the university community in the region, and all over the world.

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Hanoi University of Technology (HUT)



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