Sam Ratulangi University

1. Introduction

Sam Ratulangi University has been founded in 1961 at North Sulawesi Province. Our university is running with ten faculties, approximately 1600 lecturers and 17000 students.


Roles in SOI-ASIA Project


Sam Ratulangi University is the partner site of SOI-ASIA Project. Students from some fields join the remote classes with video , audio and also learn with the archived lectures provided by the project. Sam Ratulangi University uses uni-directional satellite link on C-band network for receiving data and 512kbps connection to local ISP for sending data.


Organization Chart



ITC Unsrat, Jl. Kampus Unsrat Manado 95115,
Sulut , Indonesia
TEL +62431863886, +62431827993
FAX +62431821212
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Time Differences: 1hours

Sam Ratulangi University, UNSRAT, Indonesia


2. Network situation


Our terrestrial link is using 512 kbps leased line to ISP called Astinet . The local link is shared to some campus network and SOI network.

Internet Connectivity




3. Classroom environment


At classroom we use 3 pc  

  • pc for receive or sending video (use vic,wmt software)
  • pc for rpt (synchronize the power point file)
  • pc for communication and rat (audio tools)

Classroom Environment

  • Transmit video/audio using VIC/RAT and WMT from Japan
  • Realtime question and answer session using Polycom
  • PowerPoint is distributed to Sam Ratulangi and will be synchronized using RPT. Sam Ratulangi participants can see the move of the mouse, too
  • Printed out version of the PPT is also available

Our Topology