UCSM Old Students


1. Introduction

The Universities of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY) and University of Cmputer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM) are of the higher institutions under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

These are to conduct teaching and research in various branches of computer science and  technology. To help meet the growing need for and advanced computer education in Myanmar, the university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree as well as diploma programs in computer studies. Its language of instruction is English.  On July 1, 1998, the university was changed to University of Computer Studies, Yangon . In 1997, September 18, the University of Computer  Studies, Mandalay was established under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Now, Myanmar Government has set up 24 Computer Universities to train the IT professionals in state and division.

The program of study in UCSM covers the diversified range starting from computer application courses to doctorial research. Topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Bio Informatics, Computer Architecture, Control Application, Database Systems, Digital Signal Processing Image Processing, Internet Technologies, Network Security, Operating System, Parallel and Distributed Computing and Software Engineering are covered. Since the design of network or software system encompasses many application areas, graduates of this university are called upon to handle diverse IT professional responsibilities.

However, the need for IT development is unending and it is now imperative that IT be improved continuously for carrying forward the national economy. With this objective, the university is looking forward to opportunities to modernize the research by making partnership with SOI-Asia Project.



UCSM Organization Chart


Patheingyi Township, Mandalay, Myanmar.
Tel: (95 2)57052
FAX: (95 2)88724

Time Differences: 2.5hours

University of Computer Studies, Mandalay

2. Network situation

University of Computer studies, Mandalay (UCSM) is equipped with 50 numbers of personal computers connected with Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) of local ISP (Myanmar Teleport). All the teachers and research students can access to all these facilities for communicating with the outside world. The configuration of UCSM VSAT is as follows:

  • Max Speed : 2Mbits/s
  • IP :
  • Max input : 1Mb/s
  • Max output : 120.0 Kb/s

Local Topology

3. Classroom environment

UCSM has arranged one room(32 ft. X 32 ft.) for SOI Asia lecture. It is still empty. School has one projector and one screen at this moment, therefore school might have to use printouts for presentation. The following applications will be used to receive the lectures:

  • Kvirc
  • RPT
  • BBS