National University of Laos

1. Introduction

NUOL DongDok main campus

NUOL Sokpaluang campus


Faculty of Engineering & Architecture
Lao-Thai friendship Rd. Sokpaluang, Sisatanak District
Vientiane 3166 LaoPDR
Fax: 856 21 314382

Time Differences: 2hours

National University of Laos

2. Network situation

Dial up modem 20kbps connection to the local ISP, but is not connected to SOI ASIA Environment.

NUOL Internet Connectivity

3. Classroom environment

In NUOL, we are able to :

  • Sending video/audio using WMT (500kbps ) from Japan. 30 seconds to 1 minute delay through WMT Encoder to the WMT Player.
  • Use dial up line to communicate with Japan using MSN and BBS.
  • Lecture material of PDF format is printed out for the students.
  • Send and receive video/audio using VIC/RAT.