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SOI Asia is looking for new talents to join us and work with us for bridging relationship with partners and contributing to the development of this network. The operator internship program was totally renewed and a new one, on entrepreneurship, will start in January 2013. Check the SOI Internship session for more details about how to apply.


1) SOI Asia & AI3 Internship Program - Batch #19

This year, SOI Asia's internship program was renewed and will offer different experiences for 2 persons for 3 months from January 2013 in Japan. This new program includes 1 month in Yamaha Network and Sound Division.


3 months (January – April 2013)

Tasks at Keio University SFC

- Developing the environment in the SFC and Hiyoshi studios,
- Developing the contents of Operators Workshops,
- Learning how to moderate classes,
- Presentation

Tasks at Yamaha

- Learning how to configure Yamaha router,
   - configure Yamaha router's CLI,
   - construct some sample networks with Yamaha router,

-Developing solutions of VPN between dynamic IPv6 address routers,
   - test of Yamaha IPv6 dynamic DNS service,
  - program IPv6 address notification function with Lua,

- Presentation


Students from AI3/SOI Asia partners

How to Apply

1) Fill out the completed application form. Download here.
2) Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


November 30,  2012.


2) SOI Asia Internship Program 2013 (Entrepreneurship)

SOI Asia will be offering internship program in collaboration with top Japanese corporation to potential students from top universities in SOI Asia with effect from 2013. Through the internship program, the students will be given the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into real work situation; to apply contextual information from home country into the assigned project assignment, and to be exposed to Japanese corporate culture and working environment throughout the course of internship.


1 month (14 Feb- 12 Mar 2013)

Task at SOI Asia

Orientation and post internship review by staff of SOI Asia.

Task at Japanese corporation

Students will perform three weeks of job assignment in Japanese Corporation as assigned by SOI Asia.


Students who have actively participated in “SOI Asia Dream Team Project 2012”

Students who have performed well in “SOI ASIA Business Plan Contest 2012-2013”

* Both conditions must be fulfilled.

How to Apply

1) Fill out the completed application form.
2) Please send to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "


November 7, 2012.