How to join SOI ASIA


1. Overview of Procedure - Flowchart at a glance (pdf)

  1. Contact SOI Asia - Please contact to one of the existing SOI Asia Partners or SOI Asia Secretariat ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to get information about the SOI Asia project. Overview information of the project and list of the past lectures/activities can be found on project's website at
  2. Application submission - If your institution understand and agree on the commitment stated in the Section 2 below,
    please submit the application including all the required information stated in the Section 3 to SOI Asia Secretariat.
  3. Site Survey - SOI Asia project will visit your institution to discuss and confirm some technical and organizational aspects. 
  4. Application Approval - SOI Asia Steering Committee will decide based on the application and information gathered during the site survey. The approval process will normally take around one-two months.
  5. Sign on MoU - By mutual agreement of both parties, MoU will be prepared and signed. The content of the MoU shall be discussed in case-by-case basis between the two parties.
  6. SOI Asia site installation - SOI Asia will provide instructions and supports the implementation of SOI Asia environment at the new partner site.

2. Committment by the potential new parnters to confirm

The potential SOI Asia partner has to understand what they are going to commit and what they are going to obtain.

  1. SOI Asia partner should form a SOI Asia team at your institution which consists of the following members;
    • Steering committee member - The person in charge will attend SOI Asia steering committee meeting and coordinate the SOI Asia team within the organization to support SOI Asia activities locally. 
    • Operator committee member - A team to install/operate/maintain SOI Asia distance education environment including network, equipments, applications. The team will support SOI Asia classes and related activities for local students and lecturers.
    • Academic committee member - For different learning subjects, the academic committee involves in the course planning and coordinate SOI Asia courses for local participants.
  2. New partners should follow the MoU between Keio University and your institute for other details.
  3. SOI Asia partner has to attend the SOI Asia Steering committee meeting at least once a year by their own budget. The meeting is held twice a year at host institution in SOI Asia partners. 

3. New Partner Application

The format for new partner application is free, however, it should include all information below;

  • General information about your organization
  • Brief introduction about your organization including:
    a) Organization name, department in charge of SOI Asia activities in the organization, address, website
    b) Brief history of your organization
    c) Organization chart, which includes faculties, graduate schools and facilities
    d) Reasons and objectives of the application
  • Organization role in local area and country
  • E-learning/Video conferencing environment (if any)
  • Address the interested academic area
  • Address the interested courses among existing SOI Asia academic courses including potential audience and participating faculty:
  • In which academic field could your university contribute for SOI Asia
  • Main contact person’s name, affiliation, e-mail address, phone number