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The 24th IHP Training Course by UNESCO & Nagoya University

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IHP 2014 Schedule

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Nov 24(Mon) 9:40-12:10 Lecture 1
Basics of forest hydrology
T. Kumagai
Nov 25(Tue) 14:00-16:00 Lecture 2
Discharge from forested watershed (1)
M. Tani
Nov 26(Wed) 09:30-12:00Lecture 8
Basics of forest dynamics
H. Sato
Nov 27(Thu) 09:30-12:00Lecture 3
Discharge from forested watershed (2)
K. Kosugi
14:00-16:30Lecture 4
Effect of vegetation cover on sediment transportation and erosion
T. Gomi
Nov 28(Fri) 14:00-16:30Lecture 6
Evapotranspiration from forest
Y. Kosugi
Nov 29(Sat) 09:30-12:00Lecture 10
Global/local hydrometeorology and forest (2)
H. Fujinami
Dec 1(Mon) 09:30-12:00Lecture 7
Water resources in forested watershed
H. Komatsu
14:00-16:30Lecture 9
Global/local hydrometeorology and forest (1)
T. Hiyama

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