AGORAsia Youth 2013 (November 2, 9 and 16)

This year, high school students from Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are discussing and reflecting on ways they can participate in the process of building a wealthier digital society. In a series of 3-day sessions, they are going to learn and collaborate on creating, remixing and sharing contents in a responsible way, that is the key to stimulate youth's creativity in the digital era. For more details, access the website.

AGORAsia Youth* is an online community created to stimulate discussion, reflection and collaborative learning on global issues among young students in Asia. Designed as a joint effort by Keio Media Design’s Global Education project, UNESCO, Connect-Asia Project and SOI Asia, this activity uses ICT to bring a great opportunity for participants to gather in a culturally diverse environment, share and learn from each other in real time, and send out their messages to the world.

AGORAsia = AGORA (public “place of assembly” in ancient Greek) + ASIA (the origin of this project)



AGORAsia Youth was created in order to:

1) Promote awareness of global awareness and diversity values
2) Provide empowerment (storytelling and digital media skills)
3) Stimulate collaboration

In this community, students from different cultures and background can interact in real time, discuss, participate actively, and share knowledge. We expect participants to start developing a global- and diversity-focused mindset, and to strengthen their capacity of global collaboration and expression.