Multi-disciplinary Hazard Reduction Program from
Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Indonesia
Kick-off Workshop

Co-organized by University of Tokyo and Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia(LIPI), Indonesia

Co-hosted by University of Tokyo and Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and DIKTI, Indonesia

Supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Japan and RISTEK, Indonesia

Broadcasted by SOI Asia project

Tuesday, April 21th, 2009


Indonesia 9:00-15:30 WIB

Main Venue
Auditorium, Campus Center
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia

Satellite Venue
DIKTI, Jakarta, Indonesia

Japan 11:00-17:30 JST

Room 413, Information Technology Center
Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan

Speakers on Opening Session
Prof. Hasanuddin Z. Abidin
Institute of Technology, Bandung
Dr. Hery Harjono
Deputy Chairman for Earth Sciences, LIPI
Prof. Kenji Satake
University of Tokyo

Moderators for Panel Discussion

Japanese Moderators
Prof. Teruyuki Kato
University of Tokyo
(Group 1)
Prof. Masato Iguchi
Kyoto University
(Group 2)
Prof. Fumihiko Imamura
Tohoku University
(Group 3)
Prof. Masatomo Umitsu
Nagoya University
(Group 4)
Prof. Yujiro Ogawa
Fuji Tokoha University
(Group 5)
Mr. Koji Suzuki
(Group 6)

Indonesian Moderators
Prof. Hasannudin Z. Abidin
(Group 1)
Dr. Surono
(Group 2)
Dr. Mulyo Harris Pradono
(Group 3)
Dr. Deni Hidayati
(Group 4)
Ms. Irina Rafliana
(Group 5)
Dr. Pariatmono
(Group 6)

>Opening Session (9:00-9:20 WIB, 11:00-11:20JST)
Welcome Address from Indonesian Host
Dr. Hasanuddin Z. Abidin, Professor and Head of Geodesy Research Division, Faculty of Earth Science and Technology, ITB Opening Remarks By Dr. Hery Harjono, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Project Summaryby Prof. Kenji Satake, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Panel Discussion for Group I (9:20-10:10 WIB, 11:20-12:10JST)
"Evaluation of potential and prediction of earthquakes and tsunami based on geophysical investigations"
Moderators: Prof. Teruyuki Kato, Univ.Tokyo and Prof. Hasannudin Z. Abidin, ITB
  • General introduction by Prof. Teruyuki Kato, University of Tokyo
  • comment from 1-1 by Mr. Yasuo Awata, AIST
  • comment from 1-2 by Mr. Yuichi Nishimura, Hokkaido University
  • comment from 1-3 by Prof. Hasannudin Z. Abidin, ITB
  • comment from 1-4 by Afnimar, ITB
  • comment from 1-5 by Mr. Kenji Hirata, MRI
  • comment from 1-6 by Assoc. Prof. Yuichiro Tanioka, Hokkaido University

Coffee Break (10:10-10:40WIB, 12:10-12:40JST)

Panel Discussion for Group II (10:40-11:30WIB, 12:40-13:30JST)
"Short-term and long-term predictions of volcanic eruptions and development of their evaluation method"
Moderators: Prof. Masato Iguchi, Kyoto Univ. and Dr. Surono PVMBG ESDM
  • Assoc. Prof. Masato Iguchi, Kyoto University
  • Assoc. Prof. Takeshi Nishimura, Tohoku University
  • Mr. Akira Takada, AIST
  • Mr. Surono, PVMBG

Lunch Break (11:30-12:30WIB, 13:30-14:30JST)

Panel Discussion for Group III (12:30-13:20WIB, 14:30-15:20JST)
"Establishment of social infrastructure based on engineering developments"
Moderators: Prof. Fumihiko Imamura, Tohoku Univ., and Dr. Mulyo Harris Pradono, BPPT
  • Prof. Fumihiko Imamura, Tohoku University
  • Dr. Mulyo Harris Pradono, BPPT
  • Prof. Hideo Matsutomi, Akita University
  • Mr. Abdul Muhari, DKP

Panel Discussion for Group IV and V (13:20-14:10WIB, 15:20-16:10JST)
"Education and outreach for disaster reduction and Investigation of community based disaster prevention"
Moderators: Prof. Masatomo Umitsu, Nagoya Univ., Prof. Yujiro Ogawa, Fuji Tokoha Univ., Dr. Deni Hidayati, LIPI and Ms. Irina Rafliana, LIPI
Group 4
  • Prof. Masatomo Umitsu, Nagoya University
  • Deni Hadiyati
  • Ms. Yoshimi Nishi, University of Tokyo
Group 5
  • Prof. Yujiro Ogawa, Fuji Tokoha University
  • Ms. Irina Rafliana, LIPI
  • Assoc. Prof. Yoshinari Hayashi, Shizuoka University
  • Prof. Keiko Okawa, Keio University

Coffee Break (14:10-14:30WIB, 16:10-16:40JST)

Panel Discussion for Group VI (14:30-15:20WIB, 16:30-17:20JST)
"Multi-disciplinary Hazard Reduction from Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Indonesia- Project Objectives and Goal"
Moderators: Mr. Koji Suzuki, ADRC and Dr. Pariatmono, RISTEK
  • Representatives from the group 1-5

Closing Session (15:20-15:30WIB, 17:20-17:30JST)

How to participate
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    Please contact to your local SOI Asia staff for the allocation of the classroom and other detailed information.

  • From University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus
    Pre-registration is not necessary. If you need more information about the venue,please contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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