SOI Asia Business Plan Contest 2014 

SOI Asia is happy to host a business plan contest on coming December 17, 2014, to cultivate the environment for the potential entrepreneurs in the region and to prepare for efficient fund matching opportunity with research asset originated from universities. 

 Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2014 

- Building the future from Asia -
- For All Innovators -

Paper submission due : Nov 26, 2014,  24:00 [GMT+9]
Final presentation contest : Dec 17, 2014, 11:10 [GMT+9]

"Technology entrepreneurship gives us capabilities to prove whether our
technology is accepted and can benefit to people, and may derive our
economic incentives"

- Statement from 
2008 Spring SOI Asia meeting in Keio, Japan

1. Purpose

SOI Asia is happy to host a business plan contest on coming December 17, 2014, to cultivate the environment for the potential entrepreneurs in the region and to prepare for efficient fund matching opportunity with research asset originated from universities. This contest is hosted by SOI Asia Business Platform LLP that engages in entrepreneur assistance, and supported by Keio University Incubation Center. We wish to promote the entrepreneur development by the students, faculty members, researchers and graduates from the SOI Asia partner institutions through this contest.


2. Special workshop for Business plan contest

 Workshop 1 photo 3

 Workshop 1 photo 2


Workshop I :"How to create a winning business plan"   

                      November 4, 2014 (Tues), 17.30-19.00 GMT+9

                      Materials : [Click SOI Asia's Slides], [Click Guest Speaker Slide] 

                      Video    : [Click Workshop Video]

Workshop ll: " How to action beyond a business plan"  

                     November 12, 2014 (Wed), 17.30-19.00 GMT+9 

                     Materials: [Click Soi Asia Slides] [Click Netmedics][Click KYUBI][Click Guest Speaker slide]

                       Video  :   [Click Workshop Video II]

The workshop will be interactive to explain about the rules and basic template of writing business plan.

In addition, the winning teams for business plan contest 2012 and 2013 will share their experience of writing and taking action based on their business plan. External consultants with incubating entrepreneurs will share the views based on industrial perspectives.


3. Submission Procedure

Please download this format [Click SOI Asia Business Plan Template] and fill in your ideas to be submitted from the following file uploader by:                         

                    Date: November 26, 2014, Wednesday, 24:00 GMT+9

You can also use your own format, but we strongly recommend that you use the provided format

Please submit through the following:

4. Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation is done based on 4 components :

i)   Entrepreneur

ii)  Business Model

iii) Finance

iv) Internal Capability



Prominent specialists as judges from many fields: e.g. IT technology, Management, Intellectual Property, Financial Sector, Accountant and University faculty members will be invited as contest judges. 

5. Evaluation Process & Result

Announcement of  finalist teams : 

Congraluation to the 6 business plans which have been selected for the final presentation !

Business Plan                   University

1) Intel Care                      University Sains Malaysia (USM)

2) Edhet                            University of Brawijaya (UB)

3) Kitney                           Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)

4) Lesson Me                    Keio University (KEIO)

5) Japan Live Show          Keio University (KEIO)

6) Trouble Free Travel      University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY)

Final Presentation (for finalist only)

The finalist teams will make a 8-min powerpoint presentation (including any video presentation or demonstration)

Followed by a Q&A session 

Date     : December 17 (Wed), 2014, 11:10 - 12:40 (GMT+9)

*Judgement will be based on business plan and presentation

-Announcement of Contest Winner

Date    : January 7, 2015

Method: Contest Website and email (for finalist only)

 6. Prize

i) Certificate Recognition as the "SOI Asia Best Business Plan 2014"

ii) Incubation (online and onsite) for *6-9 month

    - Online will be monthly discussion via SOI system

    - Onsite will conduct at home country

    -Content : Product development, entrepreneurial mindset etc 

 iii) Overseas Guest Speaker Presentation Opportunity

     - As a used case based on 9-12 months of business plan creation and development

     - Airticket and accomodation to be covered for **two selected representatives from winning team

*Duration is subjected to change based on the business plan

** The participating team can have more than two members

7. Language

The documents and presentations should be in English.

8. Final Results

Announcement of the Winner for SOI Asia Business Plan Contest 2014 is

"EDHET" Team

University of Brawijaya, Indonesia