Challenge for designing an entrepreneur
-Initial step from Engineer to Entrepreneur-


September 18(TUE) 16:00 - 19:00 JST

With the expansion of the Internet, one can be connected whenever / where ever he/she is. The Inernet infrastructure enables us to conduct collaborative works beyond cities and countries. In November, we will host an entrepreneur competition to realize region-wide entrepreneurs. This symposium helps you to know what the entrepreneur is really about and guide you to become one of the future entrepreneurs!

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Prof. Jun Murai
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies,
Keio University

Greentings from Prof.Jun Murai

Keynote (16:00-16:50JST)
Prof. Jiro Kokuryo
Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
Received MBA & DBA from Harvard Business School
Director of Keio Research Institute at SFC

With an expansion of the Internet and educational platform on the Internet built by AI3/SOI Asia, the environment for regional collaborative works are becoming ready. This keynote will show you the required elements and the opportunities for entrepreneurs in order to realize the regional collaborative works.

Prof.Jiro Kokuryo is leading the Internet world since its beginning through his proposals on management models of the Internet and evaluations of these models. Currently, he is the director of Keio Research Institute at SFC, where the research centeral of the Internet in Japan is.

Panel Discussion (17:00-18:00JST)
"Values created by the Entrepreneurs"

Panelist: Dr. Senmoto Sachio
Representative Director, Chairman & CEO of EMOBILE

Panelist: Mr. Takatoshi Matsumoto
Founder and CEO of Academy Capital Investments
First president of Cisco Japan in the past

Moderator: Prof. Jiro Kokuryo
Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
Director of Keio Research Institute at SFC

Presentation (18:10-18:30JST)
"Soi Entrepreneur Development Project-tentative-"

Mr. Masaki Umejima
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

I am going to present overview of "Soi Entrepreneur Development Project-tentative version-" including how to apply and schedules into this project. Since the last Soi Asia annual mtg of May 2007 in Cambodia, I have considered an appropriate entrepreneur promoting scheme for All Soi community residents and have reached a simple conclusion: Program should be hybrid both Contest and Matching. My presentation is supposed to suggest this plan to all.
Presentation (18:30-18:45JST)
"Building an opportunity for the future through matching competition"
Keio University Business Competition Program committee

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