Advanced Topics for Marine Science and Technology 2017

This course—held by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology—aims to explain advanced technology and tools of Marine Science, Engineering, Logistics, Information Technology and Maritime Education which are applied for present operation and management of marine industries. For online participants, all lectures will be provided through live streaming and videos (archived). Further details will be announced soon.

How to join:

All lectures are available online after the sessions, or you can lively attend the lecture on YouTube. For URL and lecture materials, please access to the “edmodo” page for details. You can send questions on Edmodo anytime and professors will answer them during the session or after the classes. For details, please download the following PDF.

PDF—How to Join "Marine Science and Technology Course 2017"—

Advanced Topics for Marine Science

#1 Jan 23 (Mon) 13:00-14:30
Emiko Okazaki 
Title: Utilization of seafood in Japan	
Keywords: Human consumption, health awareness, Functional properties, Japanese traditional seafood products,  Surimi and surimi-based products, Extensive utilizatio

#2 Jan 23 (Mon) 14:45-16:15
Naohiro Goto	
Title: Trans fatty acid. What is a problem?
Keywords: Fat, Trans fatty acid, Isomer, LDL/HDL, Heart attack

#3 Jan 23 (Mon) 16:30-18:00
Shingo Matsukawa
Title: Physicochemical property of food; From macroscopic aspects to microscopic aspects
Keywords: Food gels, Rheology, DSC, NMR

#4 Jan 30 (Mon) 9:00-10:30
Fumiaki Beppu	
TItle: Physiological functions of marine-derived lipids
Keywords: Vitamin E, Tocopherol, Carotenoids, Fucoxanthin, DHA/EPA, Obesity, Diabetes

#5 Jan 30 (Mon) 10:45-12:15
Hajime Takahashi
Title: How to extend the shelf life of food	
Keywords: Food Microbiology, Food poisoning bacteria, Growth inhibition

#6 Jan 30 (Mon) 13:00-14:30
Kazufumi Osako
TItle: Innovative Trial to Develop New Kamaboko Products for Promoting Nutritional Status of Elderly with Dysphagia	
Keywords: Kamaboko gel, Seafood, Elderly,Dysphagia

#7 Jan 31 (Tue.)  9:00-10:30
Mario Shibata
TITle: Smart sensing technique for monitoring food constituents using fluorescence fingerprint	
Keywrods: Spectroscopy, Chemometorics, Non-destructive measurement, Freshness

#8 Jan 31 (Tue) 10:45-12:15
Students' Presentations

Advanced Topics for Marine Technology and Logistics

#1 Feb 1 (Wed) 13:00-14:30
Lecturer: Tomoji Takamasa / Department of Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering,Tomoji Title: Collision Avoidance at Sea Keywords: Sea ship battery rapid charging, Environmental protection #2 Feb 1 (Wed) 14:45-16:15 Lecturer: Naoto Iwasaka / Department of Maritime Systems Engineering,Naoto Title: Variations of Sea Surface Temperature Keywords: Sea surface temperature, Surface waves, Langmuir circulation, Mixed layer, Surface heat flux, Argo float #3 Feb 2 (Thu) 10:45-12:15 Lecturer: Toshio Iseki / Department of Maritime Systems Engineering,Toshio Title: Ship Stability in Waves Keywords: Ship, Stability, Restoring moment, Center of buoyancy, Response amplitude operator, Parametric oscillation #4 Feb 2 (Thu) 13:00-14:30 Lecturer: Daisuke Watanabe / Department of Logistics and Information Engineering,Daisuke Title: Maritime Ris
#5 Feb 2 (Thu) 14:45-16:15
Lecturer: Yasunori Okumura / Department of Logistics and Information Engineering,Yasunori
Title: Introduction to matching theory
Keywords: Matching, Game theory, Economics, Colledge adomissions problem, Marrige problem #6 Feb 9 (Thu) 13:00-14:30
Lecturer: Etsuro Shimizu / Department of Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering,Etsuro
Title: Autonomous Waterborne People Mover
Keywords: Autonomous, Remote control, Ship

#7 Feb 17 (Fri) 13:00-14:30
Lecturer: Junichiro Tahara / Department of Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering,Junichiro
Title: Biomimetic Mobile Robots Using Nonlinear Synchronization
Keywords: Biomimetic Mobile Robots Using Nonlinear Synchronization