SOI Asia Workshop 2006 "Global E-Workshop" 
July 31 - August 4, 2006 : TA trainig Session for Global E-Workshop
August 22 - August 26, 2006 : Global E-Workshop

In 2001, SOI-Asia project was launched aiming to contribute to higher education in Asian region by utilizing satellite based Internet infrastructure. The project has 23 partner universities and research institutes in 12 Asian countries, and developed Internet environment at each partner site to share the live/archived lectures from Japan and partners. For autonomous operation of the project, the project organized four SOI-Asia Operator's Workshops and 1 special workshop for TU in the past. In this 6th workshop, SOI Asia with all partner sites will collaborate to organize a "global-e-workshop".

Different from previous workshops which one or two operators from each site were traveling to join workshop at one host institution, this global-e-workshop aims to hold the workshop locally in each institution to increase the utilization of SOI Asia distance education environment, increase chance to new operators to be able to learn SOI Asia technology and having more frequent workshops for up-to-date technology trainings. Therefore, with global-e-workshop model, workshop teachers will be giving lecture from Japan or other capable sites through SOI Asia classroom environment. The hands-on parts of workshop can be accessed locally at each partner's site with assistance of local TAs and those were actualized by using virtualization technology to emulate from simple to complex SOI Asia workshop courses environment. Thus, it minimized the requirements and the workshop participants can join the workshop at their local institutions using their existing SOI Asia classroom environment. 
Thank you for your participation !


Program Co-Chairs: Patcharee Basu (Keio University) and Achmad Basuki (Keio University)





42 participants from 19 organizations in 10 countries are joining the program as follows;