Broadcast from Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan
- Toward the Creation of Sustainable Society -
September 21, 2005, supported by SOI Asia Project


The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan committee and WIDE project is cordinating "The Final Expo 2005 International Forum" from 13:00-15:15 JST, 21st September 2005 as one of the closing event of the Expo.This session is for students in the world to discuss to overcome global problems in 21st century, such as poverty, environmental crisis, spread of the conflicts by connecting several places in the world including 5 continents by high-speed Internet. Overview of the Message To the Future (pdf) | Major Participants of the Forum (pdf) ]
Technical information of Jazz Session (pdf)
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Asian Institute of Technology,
ThailandChulachomklao Royal Military Academy,
ThailandBrawijaya University,
IndonesiaHasanuddin University,
Institute of Technology,
IndonesiaInstitute of Information
Viet NamBangladesh University of Engineering and Technology,
BangladeshUniversity of Computer Studies,
Tribhuvan University,
NepalAsian Youth Fellowship,
MalaysiaNational University of Laos,
LaosAdvanced Science and Technology Institute,
Mongolian University of Science and Technology,





TIMECONTENTS11:30-12:30Aichi Expo Overview by video (Optional, *you can use as a testing stream)12:30-13:00Broadcasting of the remote-Jazz session experiment on the next generation Internet between Japan and Amsterdam (Optional)13:00-15:15Broadcast of the Conference on Aichi Expo (*1)15:30-16:30Realtime-Discussion among SOI Asia Partners (*2)


      (*1) During the Conference, BBS is available to collect your comments.

      Please encourage to your participants to send their comments !!


      (*2) We are planning to have and additional discussion after the

      broadcasting of the session. Please join us if you have time !!


      Aichi Expo Committee offered us to include our conlusion message

      from (*1) and (*2) to their official report.

      So please support BBS and discussion !!




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  • We will use a Bulletin Board System for receiving questions, and feedback to the The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan committee afterwards.