SOI A+zilla Add on Competition
- develop open source, develop people -
inviting everone to develop add ons for mozilla applications and
appreciate people's contributions to local cultures


SOI Asia joint event with mozilla 24
September 15, 2007 (Saturday) 14:00-17:00(JST)

SOI Asia will host a mozilla Firefox Add-on competition jointly with mozilla 24h event. Mozilla is having a worldwide 24 hour running event. As one of the International Internet research community, SOI Asia is happy to collaborate with mozilla to host one of the event "SOI A+zilla Add on Competition - develop open source, develop people -".


This Add-on competition aims to celebrate developers in the Asia-pacific region by collecting funny to serious mozilla add-ons and the developer's sub-culture presentations. Through this competition, we wish to encourage newly joined & active open source developers and have fun time by sharing cultural presentations among the participants.


Prior to this, SOI Asia will host a Pre-Workshop on "How to make mozilla firefox add-ons" on August 13th, 2007 from 14:00-18:00(JST). This workshop is already archived and you can see the videos from the below link. Please note that the competition will invite add-ons for other mozilla applications such as thunderbird from any developers in the world.


Program Chair: Prof.Keiko Okawa (Keio University)
Program:Greetings from the Master of Ceremony

Achmad Husni Thamrin
Keio University, JAPAN
Teh Chee Hong
University Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA


"Human Resource Development in Asia"
Prof.Jun Murai
Vice President, Keio University
Director of WIDE Project

"Open Source Education in Hawaii"
Mr. Scott Belford
Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation

"Creative Commons and Education"
Mr. Joichi Ito
Board member of the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Japan

"Open Source Development"
Mr. Hiroshi "Piro" Shimoda
Software Developer at ClearCode Inc. (Japan)
Community evangelist for Firefox add-ons

Presentations from the participants
      We will ask the competition participants to make a presentation about the created add-on and their local calture. The presentation about the local culture is an optional item, but will be considered in the selection process. If you cannot attend to any of the venue in Japan or SOI Asia partners, please consult with the staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Open Source status in Asia
      In this session, we will present the interviews collected from SOI Asia partners about the status of open source development in each region.
SOI Asia partners
      are located in 27 sites in 13 countries.

      • Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia
      • University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
      • Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
      • Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Philippines
      • Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Japan

      In this session, we will receive a small comments from the judges and award the participant who submitted cool add-ons and cultural presentations. Judges are the presenters from the previous session. We will evaluate made-for-this-competition add-on and already made add-on in different track. We will evaluate 1) add-on uniqueness, 2) add-on percentage of completion, 3) add-on internationalization(function, local), 4) add-on file size, 5) the quality of the cultural video. Awards are, of course, mozilla goods! Check it out!


Pre-Workshop: August 13th(MON) 14:00-18:00(JST)
Add-on & Video submission: September 5th(WED) 23:59(JST) -> Changed to September 14th(FRI) 12:00(JST)
Event: September 15, 2007 (Saturday) 14:00-17:00(JST)

Competition Rules:

  • Create your own Mozilla Add-ons and upload the xpi file from the upload page.
  • Create up to 5min Video introducing the add-on & what's hot around you (i.e. shopping in Akihabara, Doraemon, Coffee to drink when coding) This is optional, but will be considered in the selection process.
  • Present the add-on and the video at the venue.
  • Judges will select the best presenter using following criteria. 1) add-on uniqueness, 2) add-on percentage of completion, 3) add-on internationalization(function, local), 4) add-on file size and 5) the quality of the cultural video.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

How to submit:
      Please submit necessary information/materials through the registration page:

Pre-Workshop for Firefox Add-ons (August 13th(MON) 14:00-18:00JST):
      Workshop Tutor:
Dr.Achmad Husni Thamrin
      Targeted audience: Participants at SOI Asia partner sites