SOI Asia Disaster Management Special Seminar
"- Emergency care and long term recovery process-"
Organized by Mie University

Date and Time
March 27, 2007 (Tuesday) 15:00-18:00(JST)

Program in PDF format
Short presentations, followed by 1 hour panel discussion and Q&A session.

"Evacuation training"
by Assoc. Prof. Jun Kawaguchi

In my presentation, following topics will be provided:
Damages caused by earthquakes occurred in past 12 years in Japan.
Estimation of damages caused by the future quakes and Tsunami in Japan.
Evacuation drill and workshops carried by the local community.
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"Save victims with your cardiopulmonary resuscitation"
by Prof. Kazuo Maruyama

Bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) is critical in emergency situation. It should be started before Emergency Medical Service arrives. The method of CPR has become easier for citizen to learn, remember, and perform. Let's share the way of thinking about CPR. ABCD survey in the first aid will be introduced in this session.

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""Tapping Touch" for Trauma Care & Disaster Support"

by Prof. Ichiro Nakagawa


Tapping Touch is a holistic-care technique using touch and rhythm. Although it is made easy to learn and simple to do, it is developed through integration of therapeutic elements proven effective through clinical uses and researches. The effects of Tapping Touch include: 1) reducing tension and anxiety, 2) increasing positive feelings and thoughts, and 3) nurturing a sense of closeness and trust with each other. In this lecture, its usefulness in trauma care and disaster support will be discussed, using an actual disaster-care situation in Thailand after 2004 Indo-Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami.
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"Ubiquitous Geo-informatics for Disaster Mitigation"
by Prof. Kiyoshi Honda

This lecture will introduce recent technology development in geo-informatics which is becoming available as ubuiquitous environment, then show the potential of utilizing this technology for disaster mitigation. Development in sensor network linked to GIS will be introduced as well.
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Panel Discussion Moderator:
Prof. Shinobu Sakurai