Special Lecture for SOI Asia Project
"Metropolitan Wireless Mesh Networks"


Dr. Cedric Westphal
Sr. Research Engineer
Metropolitan Wireless Group
Nokia Networks Strategy and Development

Date and Time
March 20, 2007 (Tuesday) 11:00-14:00(JST)

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Operators have started to roll out the first generation of municipal wireless mesh networks. These mesh networks compose a wifi hotspot in order to cover a municipal area, in order to provide wireless broadband coverage over the last mile for customer access. These networks have gained a lot of exposure after high profile cities such as Philadelphia or San Francisco have decided to implement one. As these networks operate in a license-free band using commodity hardware platforms, they are viewed as a disruptive technology to provide mobile wireless services.
This tutorial will describe the different architectures and protocols for the new wireless mesh networks. As metropolitan wifi networks with high speed data capability become ubiquitous, it is useful to take a long look at the underlying architectures and protocols. Since there are competing architectures and design choices, it is interesting to know the basic differences between them, and if these differences are irreconcilable. Other architectures, such as HSxPA or WiMax are also competing to provide high speed bandwidth to the mobile handset. The tutorial will see how these solutions compare and inter-operate.
The tutorial is designed for a half-day presentation of about 180 minutes.

Pre-requisite: knowledge of IP networks and basic knowledge of 802.11 MAC.