Workshop 2009, Asia 100 - Prologue
- Developing Human Resources in Asia -

Hosted by Kyoto University and Keio University
July 3rd, 2009(Fri) 18:15-19:45 JST (GMT+9)

Kyoto University and Keio University with SOI Asia partners will jointly produce an Asian-wide Workshop to discuss several social issues such as Economy, Human Security, National Security and Environment happening in Asia Today. This workshop is designed to be a space for university students in Asia to learn, exchange ideas and give feedback to the society.
The workshop consists of 13 sessions starting from September 25th (Fri) until January 8th(Fri), inviting distiguished guests from Japan and Asia every week.
As an introductory sesion, we hold a "Prologue" on July 3rd, 2009 (Fri) focusing on "Human resource in Asia" as our first topic.
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Mr. Isara Vongkusolkit, Mitr Phol Sugar, Chairman
Born in 1946, Mr. Isara manages the largest sugar company, Mitr Phol Sugar. Forbes points him as one of the "Thailand's 40 Richest" and he ranks 14th and ahead of Thailand's ex-president Thaksin (16th). The little sugar business that his family started in one region of the country in 1946, has developed into immensely successful business representing Thailand, and active in China, Vietnam and elsewhere. Starting from a poor farmer, what kind of difficulties did he come across and overcome them? Mr. Isara will tell us what sort of meaning it would have to be born and go living in Asia for each of us.

University students, graduate students and even younger generation who are interesting in "Asian" culture and society. You can get some clearer vision on several issues happening in Asia today through lectures and discussion in this session.
For more detail about the Asia workshop starting from September, please refer to the course web site.
** Asia Workshop: Human, Society and the Earth **


18:15-18:25 JSTOpening, Introduction of the workshop
18:25-18:40 JSTGuest Speaker session 1 - Mr. Isara Vongkusolkit from BKK studio
18:40-18:55 JSTGuest Speaker session 2 - Prof. Ryohei Kokubun, Keio University from Hiyoshi Global Studio
18:55-19:10 JSTGuest Speaker session 3 - Prof. Satoru Kobayashi, Kyoto University from BKK studio
19:10-19:45 JSTDiscussion


For Kyoto University students - Academic Center for Computer and Media Studies (Lecture room 202, South Building)
For Keio University students - Hiyoshi Campus DokuritsuKan B1 Global Studio or SFC Tau11 classroom
For participants from SOI Asia partners - Please contact to your local SOI Asia staff for the venu and other detailed information. If you need your local contact information, please contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pre-registration is recommended but not necesary. If you need more information about the venue,
please contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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