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Ceremony of the Honorary Degree upon Dr. Vinton Cerf

Dr. Vinton Gray Cerf, the father of the Internet, will receive the Honorary Doctorate Degree from Keio University, Japan, on the coming Thrusday 13th. Keio and SOI Asia will live stream the ceremony and commemorative speech for all partners, from 2:40pm - JST). Click here to access the contents and further information about this event.


Live Streaming

The live stream source will be Ustream. If you'd like us to stream it on VIC/RAT on SOI Asia network, please contact us at soi-asia[at]

About Prof Viton Gray Cerf

Vinton Gray Cerf (born in 1943) is a well known computer scientist as one of the father of the Internet. After he graduated from Stanford University, he majored in Computer Science and obtained his M.S. degree in 1970 and Ph.D in 1972 from graduate school at UCLA. He has contributed to familiarize the Internet such as creating and developing TCP/IP, established ISOC(Internet Society) and ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and so on. In 2005, he was inaugurated as a vice-president of Google, and he is carrying on to improve the Internet connected society today.