CONNECTivity 2012

To improve the visibility of National Research and Education Networks (NREN) in the region and raise awareness of the importance of mobilizing science knowledge for sustainable development through the use of ICTs and blended learning, CONNECT-Asia organizes the CONNECTivity event. It will use higher education and research networks to deliver the seminar on Green Society, with topics each from Education, Culture, Science, and Communication sector. This activity expects to ignite collaboration and cooperation among the participating parties on the sustainable development while also sharing their own ideas.


What is AGORAsia?

Agorasia is an online environment where university students, lecturers and other audiences gather to listen, discuss, create and share knowledge, from Asia to the world.
The name Agorasia is derived from two words: ‘agora’ means public “place of assembly” in ancient Greek, and ‘Asia’ represents the origin of this project. This series of lectures and workshops will stimulate communication among students, making the best use of ICT to promote real time multilateral communication and promoting interaction and collaborative works among sites. This online space will also provide different types of contents for various audience and peers can interact and learn from each other.

Agorasia aims to:
- Provide an online common place for global lectures and workshops where universities students and specialists from Asia can gather and share knowledge and experiences with their peers within Asia and/or to the world,
- Stimulate global experiences and discussions among different cultures in a learning environment,
- Promote sustainable development education and nurture sustainable development focused minds (solve local problems, handle crisis, adapt to change, etc).

For more information about both activities, visit the website.