SOI ASIA Project joined UniNet Conference, June 29th, 2007

The 17th WUNCA (Workshop on UniNet Network and Computer Application) was organized by UniNet during June 27-29, 2007 at Sutham Areekul Auditorium, Kasetsart University.


On June 29, 9:00-9:45 a.m., a panel discussion was held to seek the possibilities of collaboration with SOI Asia and Uninet moderated by sayaka Fukuda, SOI Asia secretariat general. Dr. Keiko Okawa, Professor of Keio University, Japan and Director of SOI Asia project, gave the presentation on SOI Asia activities and explained about the collaboration between SOI Asia and UniNet. The real time lecture was also shown as sample on the screen to more than 100 participants from academic and IT industry.

After the presentation, Dr. Panjai Tantatsanawong, Deputy Director of UniNet added to Dr. Okawa that SOI Asia is of very much helps to teaching process in the university. Thai universities, as UniNet members, can immediately utilize the existing lectures on SOI Asia and can also share their lectures in Thai with other university members at no cost. Unfortunately, according to the regulation, private university cannot link to UniNet. The problem solving on this issue is under discussion. UniNet is now drafting the MOU between Office of Higher Education and SOI Asia.

Much advantage of SOI Asia was also accredited by Dr. Sinchai KAMOLPHIWONG, Associate Professor, Prince of Songkla University and SOI Asia member that the university can have live lecture class just by using the UniNet link. No need to invest in complex equipments, no need to look for experts, the dynamic, diversified and designed for university level is already provided on SOI Asia. The certification conferred after attending the class is another good point of SOI Asia lecture to attract the audience. Dr. Sinchai is also appreciated with SOI Asia bi-annual meeting, from which new IT information would be updated to all members.

As Kasetsart University is the newcomer for SOI Asia through UniNet partner, Dr. Anan Phonphoem, the director of KU Computer Center also look forward to the better condition of signal after the completion of IPv6 setup. Dr.Anan hopes that SOI Asia will enhance the students' vision on teaching method and can also increase the class participation by just-type-question method to shy students.

Dr. Okawa
Dr. Panjai
Dr. Sinchai
Dr. Anan
Ms. Fukuda
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